A New Internship Opportunity…

UEA Arts & Humanities are pioneering a new internship for four students to work on a series of live projects within the department.

Which is why I am here to tell you how my internships gave me the edge that secured me my dream opportunity, and it could be the key to yours too.

me interviewing

Last year I did my first internship for FLY (Festival of Literature for Young People) where I wrote articles, directed a twitter takeover and interviewed some incredible children’s and YA authors. This year I was lucky to land this internship for Working with Words where I have done social media promotion, created this blog and engaged in several inspiring interviews.

And last month I just accepted an offer to study MA journalism at the top school for journalism, the University of Cardiff.

I truly believe talking about my internships in the application process and in the interview made me stand out as a candidate. Both my internships gave me an impressive portfolio of varied articles, interviews and blogs to prove my writing abilities and versatility as well as a lot to talk about.

Particularly for careers in journalism, experience is the must-have. You need to prove that you have consistently pursued opportunities, and internships are long-term evidence of your diligence and hard work. Internships give you a voice to prove your credibility, whether that is for a Masters application, work experience or a full-time job.

Moreover, my internships gave me so much more confidence in my abilities which I was able to highlight and showcase in the interview process for my masters applications. Internships are the place to actively try new things and give you a taste for the career you want to pursue. This was a huge motivation for me, every time I wrote a new piece or held a new interview it drove me to keep working towards my dream of becoming a journalist.

The internship which UEA Arts and Humanities are offering will give you the opportunity to develop your reporting and engage in research, writing, and content creation in a supported environment. You will be developing marketing materials and produce a skills-development programme.

I cannot recommend this opportunity enough, internships give you incomparable experience and they are super exciting – you would not regret it. There is no better advice I can give for anyone thinking about a creative career than to take this chance.

For more information and to apply, go here: https://mycareercentral.uea.ac.uk/students/jobs/detail/1173143

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