My Last Blog: what I’ve learnt and what’s next

My internship with Working with Words has come to an end and I have a lot to thank it for.

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For me, this internship has not only helped me to secure a place to study MA Journalism at Cardiff, but it has hugely inspired me. Working with deadlines, time-managing, writing, reading, editing, publicising, advertising, questioning, interviewing… this internship has taught me a lot.

So before I embark on my next step, I will share some of what I have learnt.

Have Confidence

This internship has taught me to know my strengths, and have pride in them. Of course, it’s good to know your weaknesses so you can improve on them but they shouldn’t hold you back or bog you down.

When things get stressful, it can be easy to focus on the negatives but I found this just puts me in a rut. Telling myself that I am a good writer and having confidence in that made the writing process much easier and gave me a huge boost for my interviews for MA.

Editing is a GOOD thing

For my first few blog posts, I would scrutinize, stress and stumble trying to write these perfect posts I had imagined in my head.

I didn’t appreciate that a first draft is called a ‘first’ draft for a reason. The first draft is just the bones of a brilliant blog, you just have to dig around a bit more and move things about.

Learning to appreciate the art of editing has been a big lesson for me, and one I will definitely use as a budding journalist. It fills me with warmth to look back and see how my writing style has grown and changed.

Thorough Research Makes the Best Interviewer

The best interviews I have ever had are the ones that I have done the most research for. If you know as much as it is physically possible about the person you are interviewing, your questions will reflect that.

Knowing your interviewee will make them feel good too – showing you have put time into thinking about their work and give them the best opportunity to speak about themselves.

Speak to Everyone, and be LOVELY

Being a chatterbox isn’t anything new, but this internship has taught me the benefits of chatting to everyone. With any creative career, having good contacts and networking is essential.

This comes from being a big people person, and taking every opportunity to meet someone, chat to someone you’ve bumped into, call or email because you never know who you might need or how they might help you.

Showing genuine interest, care and gratitude with anyone you work with, will always go a long way.

Enjoy every minute

Using the lovely Sarah Binney’s phrase, I’ve been very ‘deliberately lucky’ with this opportunity and I am so proud of what I have achieved.

I’ve truly loved being an intern for WWW and hope that next year’s intern will have the same fantastic experience that I have had.

Thank you WWW!

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